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Unisex bib shorts. The perfect garment for all road biking uses. Ergonomic fit.

Weight: gr 180

Product Code: MPKI03X_JS579

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Price From: €149.00


• Unisex bib shorts
• Sensitive Sculpt Comfort Heavy-weight fabric made of nylon jersey and with Lycra Sport® and a Sun-Block treatment
• Perforated back bib in Sensitive Sculpt Light fabric
• 5-Density Elastic Interface Combi Men’s crotch liner. The perforated foam increases heat reduction and fit and stability on the bike are guaranteed
• Raw-cut hem with inner silicone gripper
• Ultrasound construction and webbing to reduce bulk
• Reflective elements for greater visibility
• Comes with phone case
• The perfect garment for all road biking uses
• Ergonomic fit


Primary texture
SENSITIVE SCULPT COMFORT: heavy stretch jersey with Lycra Sport® for excellent, cool comfort next to the skin. Controlled compression in technical apparel to enhance performances. Run-resistant construction makes the fabric particularly compact and able to wick sweat quickly away from the body where it can evaporate more easily. With SUN-BLOCK treatment for excellent UV protection (UPF50+). Easy-care, anti-pilling.
Secondary texture
ELASTIC INTERFACE COMBI MEN. Combi Men was developed by Elastic Interface® for extra-long distance rides, both on road and off-road paths. It provides support where is mostly needed, with 5 high-density inserts protecting the ischiatic and the perineal areas. The super air layer then improves air permeability and helps to reduce heat. Elastic Interface X-fifty fabric on top is unique in structure and in the use of threads, offering excellent temperature control and breathability properties. The darker, brushed, polyamide cube comes in direct contact with the skin preventing chafing and irritations, while the lighter coloured polyester cube works at a lower level providing for perfect moisture management. Combi Men has an innovative structure featuring a multidirectional curvature, delivering perfect fit and stability in saddle. According to anthropometrical measurements, Elastic Interface® designed a central channel to relieve pressure from the urethra, improving blood flow and reducing numbness. Combi Men pad developed by Elastic Interface® for extra-long distance; 5-density inserts protect the rider in the areas of greatest pressure. Perforated foams increase the heat reduction. Fit and stability are guaranteed on the saddle


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